BloodBorne Routing

Approaching the Unknown

What I want to do?

Bloodborne – 0 Hit run – Blind – Permadeath

What does all this mambo jumbo words means?

0 Hit run – Beat the game without taking a single hit
Blind – I never played Bloodborn or watch someone to play it. So it is Blind play-trough.
Permadeath – If I get hit by any enemy in the game I am reseting game and start all over.

What I knew before I start this.

Bloodborne is fast paced game and you have dash that replace rolling animation.

Ppl said that Bloodborne have best DLC that is out there. But we will play any% in other words only bosses that I need to kill to finish original game without it.

I had a glimpse of Bloodborne gameplay in past. Most spoiled part is the of course beginning of the game.

Bloodborne have long loading screens and you can speed it up with ssd but only for couple of seconds so I think it is not worth it.

Am I crazy?

Well maybe. But I think this will be bunch of fun and salt.

Is it possible do it blind on Twitch?

It is if you have bunch of great mods that purge any spoils from the chat.
I will give bunch of mod swords to the bunch of ppl that I trust.
But of course some of the things will be spoiled by random chatters and that is just reality.

Also there will be 2 channels. One that is main channel spoiler free.
And another channel where ppl can talk freely how I suck and what could I do better.

I will not watch the alternate channel and mods will not purge spoilers in alternate channel.
That channel is for ppl that want to discus between themselves while watch me fail over and over again 😉

Avoiding the Salt?

Every step needs to be planed so if we die we can learn from it.
And if I learn anything from any death I can’t be salty about it.. That is how the Souls like games works.

Speeding up learning curve

Every souls like game you can play in 2 different ways.

You can run like you stole something from the raging Nan with a gun, cut corners and get yourself
ganked by bunch of mobs and traps.

Or you can go slowly and learn about environment and already making strategy for every enemy that you see.

The formula of learning new areas:

When I approach every section I need to ask myself next questions:

1. Can I just run trough it? If I can’t what is the monster that I need to kill (3.) or how to solve puzzle fast and safe (4.)

2. Is there any valuable findings that will make my play-trough easier?

3. There will be monsters that it is needed to be killed, that holding some kind of key or guarding some kind of leaver that opens another area.

4. If there is any puzzles in the game, what is the optimal strat to deal with the puzzle itself and what mobs are crucial to kill.

The formula of learning new bosses:

1. Can we cheese it? Learn environment in boss fight and see if you can somehow use it in your advantage.

2. Can we stagger it? If we can’t cheese it what is the way to stagger enemy and make openings
for backstabs (if there is any) and openings for dealing “free” hits.

3. What the boss is weak to? Is there any resin or special attack that deals more dmg and it is safe to do.

What will I do after every death:

1. Cry a little.

2. Open up clips and think about strats and rewatch the part of the game and learn from mistakes.

Because if permadeath I can learn faster if I rewatch the actual problem on the video. So first encounter we can call “Cameraman mod”.

The Journey begins

I will use custom website to put my thoughts, strategies, links of the clips… to have map of my experience.
After every death if I learned something I will put on it and to have that in mind on every encounter.


First Section is down

Still not sure if there is more things to pick up

First Grave (section) – Yharnam

Multiple Choices

Possible Routes

Possible Route with bunch of dogos

Investigate More

Ledge of Death ?

Possible Weapon

Cheese Strats

After 2 big beasts dropped to some underground thing


2 Second Death

Father Shoot you in the face

Killed Bosses:

Tomb Of Oedon


Old Yharnam

2 Routes ?


Scan These

Maybe Spoted?