DS1 No Hit Run

DS1 – No Hit Strats

This is basically what I have in my “cheetsheet” so maybe you will love to have it 😉

—— Character Warrior – Master Key ——

You need 4 humanity and drop Donald from cliff and get Grass Crest Shield You also need Black Knight Halberd to be droped by Donald

  • Sit at bonfire and reverse hollowing
  • Level up Strength 17 Dex 14
  • Run and get RTSR then use dark sign Run Activated 🙂


  •  Picking up Bow and arrows on cliff and killing crystal lizard
  • Run trough dark root basin and go up to the undead parish UNDEAD PARISH
  • Sit at the bonfire
  • Run trough the church to the elevator and go to the Firelink Shrine


  • take things from chests at the bottom and get Zwaihender at graveyard – Equip Zwaihander
  • go to Quelaag trough new londo ruins and valley of the drakes

* Hit on the things before ogres to turn them around


  • Down the all ladders to the elevator all to the bottom
  • in Poison river drink estus when you get poisoned and go to queelaag
  • Heal again when you have 3.2 bars of health for rtsr


  • only attack on long lava blasts spam r1 twice and 1 r2 attack tip 3 attacks then lava blasts
  • well it is not sure strategy
  • use quelaag soul
  • ring a bell Ceasless Discharge
  • Demon ruins chese the boss Ceasless Discharge and gets souls
  • bonfire to FIRELINK

LEVEL UP Endurance 20 Strength 22 Dexterity 18

  • Equip Black Knight Halberd
  •  un equip grass crest shield
  • Run to undead parish and sit at bonfire
  • Upgrade Halberd to +2
  • Buy 80 large arrows
  • Run to church and kill knight Gargoyles
  • Set RTSR on elevator
  • Use bow and arrows to kill all idiots 10 of them and run to the gargoyles
  •  Ring bell
  • Buy 4 homeward bones and ring of sacrifice
  • Kill Andre


  • Flip Ring – kick ninja – save exit – walk – take ring – bone out


  • Kill first lizard with trap, and kill second with halberd
  • Take souls in corner of the room
  • Bows and arrows thought the Fortress
  • Run directly to the giant in front of iron golem
  • Wait him do tantrum attack
  • Kill him in the Dick


  • Go to bonfire
  • set rtsr on elevator
  • bow dudes on ledges
  • run to the corner and save and exit to de agro that griffin
  • chesse knight to fall on ledge of death
  • don’t sit at bonfire run to the blacksmith
  • purchase 8 twinkies and upgrade halberd
  • purchase 30-40 large arrows


  • Kill them 😀
  • LEVEL UP endurance to 30
  • warp to anor londo
  • kill fire keeper
  • bone out back and kill the tits
  • Go to Firelink shrine and make a trip to the merchant in undead burg
  • Buy 5 loyds, 10 fire bombs, large arrows check
  • go back to anor londo and take mimic head with the loyds


  • Run for Sif
  • use mimic head to get rtsr
  • Fight Sif use mimic head to get more souls after fight


  • place lord vessel Level up Strength 28 Faith 10

Go to New Londo Ruins

  •  take transient curse
  • run trough ghosts use curse to kill one ghost
  • Run + R1
  • R2 second ghost
  • Aaron ghost
  • save & exit
  • chese to get key with a bow
  • Run in and run out then run trough the all ghosts
  • run and pull lever
  • Kill Ghosts with bow and transient curse and RTSR
  • heal then drop down after hitting knight and go to fog gate
  • equip that ring and kill 4 kings
  • set up RTSR
  • save and quit if magic attack occur
  • level up faith 14


  • 2 humanity needed to not get cursed and ring of sacrifice Path: first elevator then
  • kill lizard and take death and not get cursed



  • level up faith 16 Strength 30
  • drop down after skeletons and save and exit
  • drop down above the wheel before pin wheel
  • Kill Pinwheel
  • NO RTSR!!!
  • MIMIC HEAD to get souls Tomb of GIANTS
  • drop all the way down to bonfire and sit
  • Answer YES then drop down and get pushed by Patches
  • get skull lantern, bone out
  • get up kill Patches
  • go to anor londo ruins and upgrade axe to +4
  • go back to tomb of giants
  • go to Nito!

— Drop takes 254 hp 110 hp = RTSR Have exactly 364hp to have RTSR after drop


Get 30 humanity and offer it to the Quelag sister to get chaos servant +2

  • Level up Strength 32 Endurance 33
  • have 16-17 firebombs
  • kill Kirk with bombs or with bow
  • go down with branches and doors will open Lost Izalith
  • Go to the BoC and chese it with bombs and bow


LAST BOSS STATS Endurance 33 Strength 40 Dexterity 18


  • Go to Gwin and you will need green bloosom
  • Use the Hawk Ring
  • You can kill this boss with 2 parry only RTSR needed